Saturday, September 8, 2007

holy shit i forgot about the sauce

it’s your fault. i’ve been up here all day posting messages and now the sauce is probably burned. dammit. anyway, you see, this is what happens when you do things. i better wrap up this post and head down there. if you listen carefully, you might even hear a scream, depending on exactly where you live. wait. quiet. listen. hear anything? that's because i haven't gone down there yet. i'm still here, you dummy. how else could i be typing this? ok, now listen.

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shannonononon said...

i made some sauce the other day. for some ribs. very tasty, but it could have cooked down a little more. maybe if your over-cooked sauce and my under-cooked sauce got together they might make one perfect sauce. although, depending upon what was in them, they might just be terrible. like a peanut butter and mustard sandwich.