Tuesday, January 8, 2008

i'm thinking

people probably need more regular updates about me. i have a feeling people are beginning to wonder what is happening during the intervals between posts. i have not received any formal request in this regard. but yet i remain confident. people are doing their best to contain, their greatest curiosities and wonderment. i will try to think of a way to meet that need. it is all i can do.


The Khanh is Dead. said...

I don't want to know anything more about you. I know enough. The rest...well, it's more amusing to make that stuff up. At the moment, your absences are currently rationalized as short trips to the moon where you are teaching spacemen to use a drawing tablet and then record it with some free video program. Only, they're humoring you because they already know how to do it.

Cold Bacon said...

and spacewomen.

The Khanh is Dead. said...

ah, yes.... I cannot forget about the spacewomen.