Sunday, July 13, 2008

cold bacon went outside

then he went right back in, after about ten seconds. it was way too fuckn' hot. give him a break. what kind of bullshit was that. my god how could it be hotter. what the fuck.


wouldn't he like to know said...

When he was writing about himself in the third person, coldbacon avoided using correct punctuation. He knew that they knew (and they knew that he knew that they knew) when it was supposed to be a question, or an emphatic statement. He felt above punctuation.

it's summer, whadya want? said...

at least it's cooler inside your place than outside it? this cannot be said for everyone. especially one who is lazy and also is writing this. this individual is too lazy to buy a fan, and too cheap for a.c., but just right for popping an ambien so she can sleep in this motherfucking heat. it's much easier to indulge oneself when writing in the third person. way to open a can of worms, cb.

The Khanh is Dead. said...

Put your magical towel on and get over it. Did you forget where you were, man?

I'm sorry that you are hot. I'm sorry that we're all hot.